Saxon Way is a proud member of the Griffin Schools Trust. Our curriculum approach is underpinned by the Trust’s three pillars: high achievement, wide horizons and proud traditions.


In relation with high achievement, 100% of children will achieve Age Related Expectations or will make exceptional progress from their starting points. Children will have a range of skills and knowledge, which they are able to apply and remember in a variety of ways.
Children will be kind individuals who build positive relationships with adults and their peers.
Children will be independent, and have the skillset to identify and discover what they need. They are motivated to take on new challenges with determination and perseverance.
Our pupils will be the centre focus of our curriculum, inclusive of all ages and abilities. Our curriculum is tailored to equip children with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life.
Children will be excellent citizens of our future who are able to challenge.
Children will be resilient and responsible individuals with a strong moral purpose, and who know their place in our community and in the world. Our children demonstrate growth mindsets and approach all challenges with vigour and determination.
Our core PSHE values are fully embedded into our curriculum, all of these values strive to demonstrate a thread of excellence.
Our curriculum robustly recognises the social disadvantages of the community we serve. Through our commitment to offering children wide horizons, our extra-curriculum offer include and broad range of further development of skill sets and opportunities.
Our children will be immersed in festivals and celebrations through our annual proud traditions. These celebrations build into our broad and balanced curriculum through development of subjects such as The Arts, PE, Science and Literature.


Foundation Stage



Key Stage 1



Key Stage 2