The Griffin Arts Festival is a Proud Tradition within the Griffin Schools Trust’s (GST) event calendar. In its 6th year, the festival was, once again, a spectacular event. Throughout the last fortnight, Saxon Way students have enjoyed inspirational cultural experiences and explored key world issues through the theme of Green Planet.


Providing a range of real and purposeful opportunities for the children to express themselves is a vital part of a Griffin experience. The children embraced working together as well as with a host of talented artistic professionals who provided creative, high-quality sessions.


What an incredible two weeks we have had – from drumming to opera to a buzzing and BEEautiful arts evening, Saxon Way has pulled out all the stops again to ensure our children experience all that the Arts have to offer. The children have shown our local community (and London) just what makes Saxon Way an incredible place to be.


Thank you to the staff, parents, volunteers and especially our children who helped make this the best Griffin Arts Festival yet!


A true celebration of the arts!